They continue to beaver away in Otterton

The National Trust has  just published their list of Wildlife’s winners and losers in the face of the extreme weather events of 2021. 

One of the winners is beavers which gives Owl an excuse to publish the following photo sent in before Christmas by a correspondent. It shows evidence of “beaver activity”  just below Otterton Mill. 

Owl assumes that the rain in the past few days will have caused more sewage releases across East Devon, including into the Otter.

Going, going……..

[Results from the Scottish beaver trials show beavers fell larger than average trees, with a very strong preference for trees that re-sprout such as willow These provide an immediate and longer term source of food, and the upper branches can be used for dam building material. Beavers dam small streams to provide ponds of deeper water for a  safe underwater entrance to their lodges, rather than larger rivers. So this activity around Otterton looks to be related to feeding. (Readers may be better informed – Owl)]