‘Creepy faces’ appear in Devon cliffs

New photographs show the affects of erosion along East Devon’s red cliffs as they continue to crumble.

Chloe Parkman www.devonlive.com

The striking images were taken near Budleigh Salterton by Lance Mangold, formerly a Scientific Photographer for Oxford University.

The hollowing cliffs appear to show a number of eerie gothic and ghoulish faces – which follows a number of cliff falls within the area over the last 18 months.

It’s all up for interpretation of course and we’d love to know what you can see.

Lance said: “The Victorians used to come from afar to see these sculpted cliffs, so its a shame the rockfall has removed some of the ‘sculptures’.

Last week, East Devon’s notorious red cliffs hit the headlines after drone images captured the aftermath of a cliff fall near a holiday park.

A fascinating shot of the cliffs as erosion transforms the landscape (Image: Lance Mangold)

The pictures, which were captured by Ziggy Austin at Rock Solid Coasteering, were taken near Sandy Bay caravan park – and they captured the extent of East Devon’s notorious crumbling cliffs.

Over the last 18 months, there have been a number of cliff falls in the area with some of the most notable taking place in Exmouth and Sidmouth.

The pictures, which were taken on Monday, show some caravans are now just metres away from the edge of the cliff.

Lance says the hollowed rock appear to looks like a gothic face (Image: Lance Mangold)

Back in August, the stretch of cliff saw five massive falls in one morning.

Crumbling clay tumbled from the cliffs between Sidmouth and Salcombe Mouth, which sparked a warning from Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

In a statement made on Facebook last year, a spokesperson said: “Cliff falls this morning, please stay away from the base of cliffs and take note of the signs, they are there for a reason.”

Lance said: “I think this one was the most interesting, it looks like a rock painting, and the colours are striking.” (Image: Lance Mangold)