Whoops, sorry!

Poem from Mike Temple, posted as comment but deserving a post in its own right

The Lion with the golden mane
Had just been caught out yet again.
He’s said he’d not done such a thing,
Such conduct unfit for a King.
But evidence had now come out
To call his former words in doubt.
The Lion-King had now been caught
But here is what the Big Beast thought:

“If I were me I would advise
To grovel and apologise
(Another way of telling lies
And, of course, I needn’t worry
It’s easy to say the word “sorry”.)
For me, therefore, a quick apology
Is a branch of escapology,
For I’ll insist that I was right –
(My flatterers’ll say I was contrite)
And I can also kick the can
Down the road, my cunning plan:
My servant can compile a dossier
Of all that happened on the way
And I will be the judge of that report
And say that I did nothing of the sort.
I’ll show that laws made for my underlings
Simply don’t apply to Lion-Kings.
(The only thing I’m sorry about
Is that at last I’ve been caught out.)