Hubris, Hugo?

“When did Tobias Ellwood become a ‘senior Tory MP’ to anyone other than anti-Conservative commentators?” sneered Sir Hugo Swire on Twitter after his former colleague had a pop at the PM. As chairman of the defence select committee, Ellwood is perhaps a touch more senior than Swire, once a minister in the Foreign Office (he outranked Swire in the army too), but there may be a personal reason for this envy. In 2017, Ellwood gave first aid to a dying police officer after a terrorist attack on the parliamentary estate. Swire’s wife, Sasha, noted in her diaries that her husband wished it had been him. “He has longed for the headline ‘Hugo the have-a-go hero’,” she wrote, “but it will never happen.”

Extract from Times Diary,Patrick Kidd