The UK government’s 12 ‘levelling-up’ missions – key points

Details to be published today in a 400 page “White Paper”, but there is no new money. – Owl

Peter Walker 

Central to the levelling up white paper are what are termed 12 “national missions” to be achieved, all by 2030, many of them phrased in fairly general terms. This is what the missions set out:

  • To increase pay, employment and productivity in every part of the UK, with each containing “a globally competitive city” and a smaller gap between top performing and other areas.
  • Public transport connectivity across the UK to be “significantly closer to the standards of London” including integrated ticketing and simpler fares.
  • A “significant” increase in primary school children reaching expected standards in reading, writing and maths. For England – education policy is devolved – this will mean at least 90% meeting expected standards, with at least a one-third increase for this metric in the worst performing areas.
  • A “significant” rise in the numbers completing high-quality skills training across the UK. In England, the target is for 200,000 more doing this, including 80,000 in the lowest skilled areas.
  • A narrowing in healthy life expectancy between the UK areas where it is highest and lowest, with the overall average healthy life expectancy rising by five years by 2035.
  • An improvement in perceived wellbeing in all parts of the UK, with a narrowed gap between areas with the highest and lowest levels.
  • A rise across the whole UK of “pride in place”, defined as “people’s satisfaction with their town centre and engagement in local culture and community”, with a narrowing of gaps between areas with the highest and lowest levels.
  • An increase in the number of first-time home buyers in all UK areas. The “ambition” is for a 50% fall in the number of rented homes deemed non-decent, including the biggest improvements in worst-performing areas.
  • An overall fall in homicide, serious violence, and neighbourhood crime, focused on worst-affected areas.
  • A devolution deal for “every part of England that wants one”, with powers “at or approaching the highest level of devolution and a simplified, long-term funding settlement”.

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  1. Well, we’ve all got a wish list, it’s a just a wish list! We did not see honesty, integrity and transparency on their list!


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