Jonathan Pie explains Partygate scandal to Americans in epic New York Times debut

Jonathan Pie has taken his unique brand of political comedy Stateside with a new video published in the New York Times.

By Redrow 

Pie, a fictional news correspondent portrayed by actor and comedian Tom Walker, kicked off his US segment by explaining the Patygate scandal that has rocked the Boris Johnson administration to viewers.

Dubbing the prime minister a “liar” – a term ‘banned’ in UK political discourse – he said “Trumpian is the ease with which he tells porkies”.

Discussing the Patygate scandal Pie said Downing Street hosted “16 separate p*ss-ups” in breach of its own lockdown rules, including two that happened the night before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

The comedian said Boris’s lies “are no secret” as he listed off all the things he’s fibbed about.

“He essentially lied to the Queen when he illegally shut down parliament, he lied to the country when he said Brexit would be good for farming, and fishing, and trade deals, and the economy.

“He’s been fired twice for lying. He was fired as a journalist for the Times newspaper for simply just making stuff up, and he was fired for lying about shagging someone behind his wife’s back.”

Pie went on to explain what shagging means, as well as other unfamiliar terms such as ‘scotch egg’, ‘pub’ and ‘Eton’.

Watch the hilarious clip in full HERE or on twitter HERE