‘Boris Johnson is the worst PM I have seen – out of 15’

Letter published in the Sidmouth Herald

Herald Letters Published: February 14, 2022 www.sidmouthherald.co.uk

There have been fourteen Prime Ministers in my lifetime, Boris Johnson is the fifteenth, but without doubt he is the worst. 

I have never disrespected any previous Prime Minister or thought they were unfit for office – until now.

During World War II, I remember as a young child sitting with my parents listening on the radio to a man they called ‘Winston’. 

It was several years before I understood why my parents respected Winston Churchill, the leader who saw them through those dark days, reassuring them when possible but always inspiring them to face the huge challenges ahead.

Boris Johnson’s honesty and decency are in doubt but he is determined to fight every inch of the way and preserve his own skin before he will resign. 

Several Prime Ministers over the years have taken the decision to leave office with dignity – Anthony Eden after Suez and recently David Cameron after losing the Referendum are two examples.

It is disgraceful that Boris is focused on preserving his own  self interest at the expense of our system of Government. He even resorts to hurling reprehensible untrue slurs at Keir Starmer about Jimmy Saville. 

This is a very dangerous path to tread which should remind us of the excesses of Donald Trump. 

His response to how far he has fallen in the estimation of the British public is table a flurry of ‘levelling up’ plans (with no new money) and all kinds of projects to come to fruition in eight years’ time – surely we can not stand another eight years of Boris?

One can’t help noticing his flying visit to Ukraine, where he was given VIP treatment and a guard of honour at the airport, was a great escape from his position at home.

Whatever your politics, I urge you to consider the Prime Minister’s record and the implications for our tradition of high standards in public office when you decide whether to continue to support him.