One thought on “Breaking news: Lille “pop-up” Immigration centre is not in Lille!

  1. In my opinion, we should have expected nothing less. The UK government doesn’t want the reality of their underlying hard-heartedness towards Ukrainian refugees to be how they are perceived – and what better way (and what could be more in the style of Yes, Prime Minister) than to be able to publicise how you are opening a visa office specifically to expedite visa applications for refugees whilst effectively ensuring that it issues no visas by locating it in a secret location, miles from where you said it would be. Sir Humphrey would be immensely proud of this piece of administrative sleight of hand. But of course this is completely typical and predictable of the current government which believes that it is completely acceptable to lie and cheat at every available opportunity in the knowledge that they have neutered almost all of the means by which they could previously have been held to account for such things.

    Democracy? What democracy?


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