New Housing Minister: “Save Our Greenbelt”

Stuart Andrew, who took over the job of Housing Minister on 8 February, has been battling unpopular development in his own patch!

From his web site:

Leeds City Council are currently exploring sites that they will consider allocating for houses over the next 16 years, with 70,000 houses being planned. Although the consultation on the Site Allocations Plan has now closed, Stuart is continuing to keep up the pressure on the Council, saying:

It was great to see so many constituents get in touch with me, and contribute to the consultation. This has really caught the heart of the area. Many have joined me in saying that the site allocations plan, in their current plan, will have a terrible effect on the greenbelt across the area. We need to preserve these natural boundaries and our treasured landscape, which creates the unique identity of this area.

“I particularly want to praise neighbourhood groups like RGAG and the Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum, who have helped so many people understand what can be an incredibly complicated area of policy. I will continue to keep up the pressure to ensure that the independently appointed Government Inspector comes to an informed decision on whether the proposals need further review.

“The recent flooding across Yorkshire has highlighted the importance of getting planning right – we have seen areas that are proposed for development effectively turn into lakes, and I hope that the Council will heed the calls to reassess their plans.”

In order for Stuart to be able to communicate with you directly in order to update you on the Leeds City Council Site Allocations Plan, please sign up below. You can also read a copy of Stuart’s response to the Consultation via the attachment below.

 For more details on the Council’s proposals, visit the following website: