Public Survey – East Devon Culture Strategy

East Devon District Council is developing a ten year Culture Strategy. 

Your thoughts and experiences are extremely important and will help ensure this will set out an ambitious, clear and deliverable vision unique to East Devon that is relevant to you.

What do we mean by ‘Culture’?

Music, theatre, museums, dance, crafting, libraries and every kind of visual and digital arts. It includes culture that you watch, or participate in, and culture made by professionals and amateurs as well as ‘everyday creativity’ that you might enjoy home.

Why is this important?

Culture brings joy, fun and wonder to our lives, whatever our age. Imagine a world without music, dancing, books or art! It brings communities together, contributes to jobs and prosperity, attracts visitors, and supports health and wellbeing. Culture and Heritage are the beating heart of our towns and cities.

What is the purpose of this Strategy?

The Strategy will set out a shared road map by and for East Devon to develop its cultural provision, capacity and ambition. East Devon District Council will be working closely with the creative and cultural sectors, tourism, economic development and other stakeholders to forge a stronger, sustainable future offer for East Devon.

There are just 12 questions, most of which are tick boxes – your time is appreciated.

You are not required to provide any personal information, except to leave, if you wish, your email at the end – in order to only receive future information about this project.

If you need a copy of this consultation on paper or in any other format, please call 01395 517569 or email

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