Vaccine protection fading, expert warns, as 1,600 people a day hospitalised

Health experts have warned that hospitalisations of people with Covid-19 are rising rapidly in the UK with 1,600 people a day now going into hospital – and it appears that vaccine protection is fading. Infections are also rising rapidly among children.

Never mind April fool’s day will soon be with us. – Owl

Neil Shaw 

It comes after the relaxation of Covid rules across the country and with the arrival of a new variant – BA.2 Dr Hilary Jones today told GMB viewers that Covid restrictions may have to return to control the new wave of illness.

And experts in Australia said BA.2 is among the most infectious diseases ever seen – infecting even those who are triple jabbed – and warning that almost everyone will catch it.

Professor Christina Pagel of University College London and a member of Independent SAGE said the latest hospital data showed 1,600 people went into hospital with Vovid on March 13, the latest data available. She said the rate is still increasing and is now 50% higher than two weeks ago.

Prof Pagel said the numbers are going up in all regions, especially the South West and North East, and warned that vaccination protection is fading – especially among older people.

She said: “Hopefully boosters will hold. We’ll see what happens to NHS diagnosis data over the next few weeks. Either way, more Covid in hospitals makes care harder and affects staff absence too. There have been sharp increases in children’s admissions – at the very least this is highlighting yet another surge in Covid in children – the third in 7 months, worst in Jan 2022.

“When are we going to stop assuming previous surges will stop kids getting infected again?

“Each surge comes with more school disruption, more admissions, more Long Covid and more teachers and parents infected (teachers have some of highest rates of Long Covid). Teen vaccination is low and vaccination of 5-11s can’t came soon enough – how many waves do they need to face unprotected?”

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