Water quality: a Correspondent takes “Responsibility”

From a correspondent:

A South West Water story about “taking personal responsibility ” …

Suddenly, after many years in my home with clean water, dirty black marks on shower head and toilet rim and little, black “worm like things” coming out of all basin taps.  Ugh!  Reported to SWW.

South West Water say it is “biofilm” – a completely harmless interaction of substances inside water pipe and my job to keep it at bay – bleach, etc.  They even sent me a leaflet telling me what to do, which I did, but it didn’t stop.

Refused to accept this and, after pressure my tap water was tested.  Same response from SWW – clear, harmless “biofilm” and my responsibility.

Pointed out an area just behind my home (miles from a water course and on top of a hill) covered in pondweed and always wet and suggested there might be a leak – no response.

I found a university which specialised in biofilm research – yes, it is kind-of harmless ON ITS OWN BUT known to attract bugs and bacteria – including e coli and other nasties.  Remember, I was told I could brush my teeth in this stuff …

A few weeks later, without warning, a repair team turned up and did a “running” repair to the water main (ie water not turned off so no-one needed to be informed).

Since then:

no black stuff in water or toilet

showerhead clean

no “worms”

water pressure has improved enormously

pondweed outside drying up and being replaced by grass and normal weeds

Yep, I took MY responsibility …