6 bits of bad news slipped out by the Tories hours before the Easter holiday

It’s ‘Take Out the Trash Day’ – when the government rushes out a flurry of announcements 

Aletha Adu www.mirror.co.uk (Summary)

1. Civil servants offered an effective pay cut

Unions are threatening to take industrial action after the Government quietly slipped out a below-inflation pay offer for civil servants.

2. Under-fire firm axed from school tutoring scheme

The company running the Government’s national tutoring programme has lost the contract for next year.

3. Home Office rapped for exaggerating Windrush progress

The Home Office has been blasted for exaggerating the progress made to shift its internal culture in the wake of the Windrush scandal.

4. Surplus PPE to be auctioned off

Surplus personal protective equipment will be auctioned as the Government bids to stop paying out millions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash to store stock.

5. Sewage dumped into rivers 1,000 times a day

Raw sewage was dumped into English rivers and seas hundreds of thousands of times last year, official data shows.

6. Universal Credit cuts ‘will push 400,000 children back into poverty’

The latest annual poverty statistics show around 400,000 children had been pulled off the breadline by the temporary increase to Universal Credit.

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  1. Proof, if even more was needed, that Britain is literally a shitty place to live these days.


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