Neil and Simon, did you laugh at his jokes?

Neil Parish and Simon Jupp, Owl would like to know, for the record, your answers to  these three simple questions:

  1. Did either of you attend the widely reported “champagne bash” dinner party at the Park Plaza Hotel near Westminster Bridge, hosted by Boris Johnson for Conservative MPs last Tuesday, 29 March?
  2. On your way did you have to pass a protesting group of bereaved families of Covid casualties who shouted “shame on you” and “off to another party, are we?”
  3. If you did attend the bash, did you laugh at his extensive and tasteless “partygate” jokes? One senior Tory present at the dinner is reported as saying: “The number of jokes Boris devoted to partygate showed that he is either monumentally insensitive or monumentally self-confident.” (or both)

Boris Johnson contemplates resigning 

After months of pulling the wool over our eyes, will the prime minister do the decent thing?