Budleigh Shandford “Care Home” back on sale

A number of correspondents have pointed out that the former Budleigh Salterton care home “Shandford” is back on the market with guide price of £1.1M

Owl received reports from reliable sources that it was purchased by Julie Rhodes of Agency Assistance at the sale by auction in December 2020.

The  guide price at the auction in December 2020 was £750,000. If these two guide price are representative of sale prices. They indicate the owner is seeking a quick profit well in excess of a quarter of a million pounds. 

Two correspondents have raised the questions as to how much money has been received from the December sale, where Abbeyfield were the vendors; and how this money has been “returned to the Town”. They gather that a new “Shandford Trust” (Charity No 1192048) has been created but under whose authority?

The charity commission lists Christopher Haward Davis as Chair of trustees. 

To recapitulate the history of Shandford:

Shandford started as a care home in 1958 for local people funded by the people of Budleigh Salterton. In 2012, the trustees ceded it to Abbeyfield.

The closure is based on Abbeyfield’s declared aim of “freeing up assets” as it changes its business model to concentrate on larger homes; and County Councillor Christine Channon’s handpicked adviser, Chris Davis, who claims that Shandford was no longer viable. Owl understands Chris Davis’ report has never been made public.

A local community effort to take back control, failed despite the intervention of newly elected Simon Jupp MP.

During this process Owl received plausible arguments that showed that there were grounds to challenge the case for non-viability.