Watch the full council debate toughen Scrutiny Committee’s report calling for investigation into how John Humphreys became Alderman

An amendment to the Scrutiny Committee minutes, chaired by Cllr Tom Wright, called for an inquiry or investigation into how John Humphreys was appointed an Alderman whilst under police investigation following his arrest in 2016. Much debate on this and whether or not to pause the process of reviewing the appointment system pending the results of such an inquiry/investigation.

Starts at 41 minutes into the recording of the full council meeting of 20 April. Lasts just over an hour with a bit of a cliff hanger at the end – Owl.

2 thoughts on “Watch the full council debate toughen Scrutiny Committee’s report calling for investigation into how John Humphreys became Alderman

  1. These views are personal to the commentator and cannot be verified by Owl but published in the public interest.

    “This was a proper investigation, unlike the three known previous efforts. So it was obvious even without the normal publicity that there would have been a correct and discreet formal communication. It wasn’t even a secret, so it’s beyond belief that some conservatives still try to pretend that no one knew, in particular using the partisan and unpleasant language employed by Cllr Phil Twiss. I was told in 2017 that Humphreys was being investigated and also that the source of the information was another conservative councillor. I struggled to believe that even this unpleasant bully could be capable of crimes against children and said nothing to a soul, not even my wife, presuming it to be a homophobic slur. When two years went by and nothing more was heard I mentally noted that he did not stand again in 2019 for the district council but assumed there must have been no substance to the story because he did still stand for the town council and was out canvassing and delivering leaflets on his own. Once he had been convicted I did share my historic knowledge on social media and in direct communication with councillors of all parties, including copying Phil Twiss in to one email. With no response. I fully accept the word of the two decent, honourable conservative Councillors who told me unequivocally that they were unaware of the investigation but I will call out councillor Twiss for pursuing the fiction of universal ignorance. This isn’t a partisan issue. All parties should be working together on this. Is Cllr Twiss calling me a liar in sticking to the untruthful line without at least querying information received? If there is the slightest chance that his party and this council have inadvertently assisted a paedophile gain access to children he has a duty to investigate rather than whitewash. Either he has an explanation for this apparent negligence or he is not a fit person to represent the public.”


  2. I know that the current administration understandably wants to prioritise dealing with today’s crises over investigating what happened under previous administrations…

    But the list of disgraceful behaviours under the PREVIOUS administrations is absolutely not limited to just Alderman John Humphreys.

    Lest we forget…

    * East Devon Business Forum and the Councillor caught on video offering planning permissions for cash
    * How several plots of land (with connections to councillors) were added to the local plan at the last minute
    * Multiple allegations of planning corruption reported to the police but never investigated
    * Rumours of serious election irregularities

    There are STILL huge questions to be answered…


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