A Correspondent: local Tory leader’s comments “perplexing” 

The latest leaflet popped through your door from the “flush with cash” Conservatives is entitled, ironically, “In Touch”. It also features a mug shot of Neil Parish. – Owl

From a correspondent:

EDDC has voted to retain online meetings (see comments below).

I find the comments of Councillor Brown perplexing.  He says because meetings are not held in the awful health-hazard council chamber in Honiton people feel ” we are somehow superior to them and they increasingly feel distant from their district council”.

On the contrary, as a voter without a car and with no direct public transport to Honiton, being able to access meetings on line makes me feel MUCH closer to the council, rather than the much, much more distant elitist and entitled thinking of Councillor Brown – who lives in, er, Honiton!

” Councillor Val Ranger claimed that moving to the alternative format of meetings would be “50 years out of date”, arguing it would mark a return to the rules set up in 1972.

She added: “It skews the whole voting system and it favours an older demographic of people who are free to attend meetings night and day.”

Whereas, leader of the Conservative group, councillor Colin Brown said: “Local people are starting to think we are somehow superior to them and they increasingly feel distant from their district council.”


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