Correspondent adds a postscript to “Open letter to my MP”

Dear Simon,

It has been drawn to my attention that there are many items that the residents of East Devon would like to add to my list of 5 May 2022 in order for you to act.

The alternative route to the M5 into the peninsula is the A303. The same old bottlenecks have existed for years and years. Can you not pressure urgently, please, for this to be a functioning road fit for 2022?

Mr. Gove has been reported as being disturbed by Natural England’s advice that in many rivers new developments should be “nutrient neutral”. Effectively putting the brakes on any new properties in the area. One of the rivers affected is the River Axe in the Tiverton and Honiton constituency. Will the Clyst and Otter be next? Waiving the nutrient neutral objective would be a cop out.

I hope that you regret your vote to reject the Lord’s amendment that would have placed legal duties on the water companies to reduce sewage discharges in our rivers.

Have you followed up on the EDDC scrutiny committee earlier in the year when they called South West Water to explain? At the meeting it was revealed there were 42,000 raw discharges into Devon’s rivers and coastal areas in 2020. South West Water pleaded poverty and told East Devon residents to “do their bit” to prevent sewage overflows into rivers and seas, despite making huge profits.

In 2020 the river Otter had 90 discharges from Newton Poppleford and 137 from Honiton, on average two to three times a week. This into a river which has seen the return of otters and beavers and empties into a popular bathing bay. All the other rivers in your constituency suffer from the same problems.

Let’s not forget Exmouth’s sewage overflow. At Straight Point the Maer Lane Sewage works discharged, in 2020, 850 hours from 59 episodes. To this now must be added 303 houses at Goodmores Farm. Should Exmouth, like Axminster, be adding any more development? 

As Mr. Parish has resigned it is now your task to fight for the missing £1.6 million the government promised they would help the council with two years ago if LED was kept running through the pandemic. This is council taxpayer’s money we cannot afford to lose.

Finally, I wonder if the fact that Topsham has voted a LABOUR councillor to represent the ward on the Exeter City Council seems a trifling upsetting. I wonder why this has happened. Surely not all “partygate” ? Perhaps it is your government’s punitive target for house building which has resulted in ribbon development effectively joining Topsham with Exeter? Food for thought.