Comment on Police handling of Humphreys’ police bail condition

Owl believes this comment posted by “Tim” on the recent post: Exmouth journal prints “no comment” photos, deserves a post in its own right. 

From “Tim”

This extract on what the police can do with police bail (rather than court bail) is relevant and fits in with my own recollections but comes from the authoritative website of slaterheelis:


Police can, however, impose certain conditions on the bail.

“Bail Conditions

If a suspect is released on bail before they are charged, the police may restrict what they can do.

For example, if a person is being investigated for assault, the police may enforce restrictions stopping them from interfering with the victim. Similarly, if the investigations involve crimes against children, the suspect may be restricted from being alone with children under the age of 18 or entering a specified radius from schools and nurseries.

Another example would be investigations of repeated theft in a shopping centre. The suspect may be restricted from entering this area. If such conditions are breached, the police have the power to arrest the suspect.”

End quote.

Thus it is rather surprising to see evidence of Humphreys apparently carrying on his ‘normal’ business whilst on police bail. I remain very concerned about many aspects that his victim mentioned, not least the allegations of threats from certain unnamed police officers as to the wisdom of not upsetting powerful people.

I find it very difficult to understand why Humphreys would have been released (on what was known as S.43 bail in my day) without conditions. He faced serious allegations and frankly , as well as protecting the public, it would be in the self-interests of the police to have bail conditions restricting his opportunities for repeat offences.

The crowd at the college must be very pleased with themselves and their selection of Mr Jupp. For all his supposed local connections it was an unfortunate choice to be left with opting for an offer of accommodation from Humphreys. Where were the family with these strong local connections?