“Old Muck Spreader” will now toe the line

When the “Porngate” scandal broke a few weeks ago the Tory party dragged its feet for a few days before bouncing Neil Parish into resignation. 

Obviously feeling bruised by the experience, Neil boldly talked to the Telegraph suggesting he might stand as an independent but wouldn’t declare his final intentions until just before the deadline for applications.

I’ve got some sort of quite powerful backers within the farming community… If I stood, it wouldn’t be a problem in raising the money. The farming community realised how I fought their corner.”

Ten days is a long time in politics.

Now our Neil has suddenly had cold feet about “independence” and will be duly supporting the Tory candidate selected in his place. 

His reasoning seems to be that as both he and Boris Johnson are flawed characters they fit comfortably within the Tory ethos. He is quoted as saying: “I think he’s an imperfect character, but then so am I”…. “His one great problem in a way is that he overpromises and I think then finds that he can’t deliver on everything.

The candidate may be relieved to hear that he is also reported as saying that he will only get actively involved in her campaign if asked.

What an endorsement, the sleaze surrounding the Tory party remains! – Owl

Source of quotes: www.radioexe.co.uk

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