Hello Simon, Boris here! (And standby on Mumsnet)

Or perhaps not if he is confident that he can take you for granted.

The Independent reports that Boris Johnson rang potential rebels on the Conservative backbenches in a desperate bid to shore up his position ahead of a vote of no confidence in his leadership that many Tory MPs now expect to be called when parliament returns next week.

Standby on Mumsnet

Meanwhile the electoral battleground turns to “Waitrose Woman”.

According to the Independent “Waitrose Woman” is reported to be the voter demographic Downing Street reckons is crucial if the prime minister is to reverse plummeting ratings and defy rebellious Tory MPs in the wake of both Partygate and the cost of living crisis.

Like “Mondeo man” and “Worcester woman” before, she is, of course, a fictionalised construct based on stereotypes – the product of market researchers and focus groups.

But does “Waitrose woman” actually back Johnson at all?

According to Politico London Newsletter:

Johnson is holding a Q&A session with Mumsnet — his answers will be put online around noon.

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