A Correspondent on “Bust up at Top”

From a correspondent;

Surely the job of a Chief Executive requires him or her to be neutral and supportive of whatever shade of council exists, and particularly to assist a new majority group with few experienced councillors to find its feet – in the best interest of the district.

It appears that Mr Williams was unable to make this adjustment or to consider any change in his former allegiances. One must therefore ask why this was and why he stood back and allowed the situation with his officer to first of all be hidden from the new council and then to do nothing helpful as the situation was allowed to deteriorate under his watch. Remember, this is a CEO who has a legal qualification (albeit many years ago). He must have had to use his legal knowledge on many similar issues in the past – though we never seem to have heard of them.

As for his time “wasted” do remember that, some years ago, he was able to run two councils (East Devon and South Somerset) on a 50/50 basis with no obvious time management problems. Though South Somerset did cancel the arrangement early without saying why.

In any other kind of organisation this person would almost certainly have been relieved of his post. Alas, as we have seen with other political situations very recently, the Chief Executive reports to – the Chief Executive and the Chief Executive decides whether or not he should be punished. Not very transparent …..

[Likely leaker, in advance of the scrutiny committee meeting, is either a councillor, possibly on the committee, or a senior officer – take your pick! – Owl]