Tiverton and Honiton election: East Devon District Council leader’s reaction to new MP Richard Foord

East Devon District Council’s leader Councillor Paul Arnott has congratulated Tiverton and Honiton’s new MP – Richard Foord.


East Devon District Council’s leader, Councillor Paul Arnott said:

“Huge congratulations to Richard Foord for a brilliant campaign run with truth, passion and courtesy. We look forward enormously to a brilliant and effective working relationship with EDDC, where the Democratic Alliance, including the LibDems, is now in a third year of control.

“The Tories were ejected from East Devon after 45 years of running the council in 2019. And now with tonight’s results, it was not just a negative vote against Mr Johnson, it is a historic win for the majority of people who live in this amazing place.

“Richard and I will now meet on Friday to discuss how we will work together with immediate effect for the public good.”