Is Simon Jupp “losing it”?

There have been two analyses of voting trends, pre-dating the by-election results, that indicate how vulnerable Simon Jupp might now be in his “safe” seat in the increasingly volatile Celtic Fringe.

Electoral pact poll may 2022

Collapse  in tory support threatens celtic fringe in south-west poll finds

The by-election reaction that intrigued Owl was the one from the Tory Mid Devon cabinet councillor who said the result was “uncalled for”. This is a phrase that encapsulates the supreme sense of entitlement that Tories hold as a birth right. 

Hugo Swire is a good example. A local MP who, despite his close connections to “Dave”,  never did anything for East Devon

So how good a local MP is Simon Jupp? He has made lots of “promises” of funding for Exmouth which have never materialised. He certainly pushes his hobby horses such as the hospitality sector. But how committed is he to being the member of parliament for all his constituents, working closely with the elected council members to get the best for the district? 

Owl understands from questions put on social media to EDDC deputy leader Paul Hayward that Simon Jupp MP, despite frequent requests, has yet to meet with the majority group in EDDC,  indeed takes an antagonistic line with the council.

Obviously council concerns to get the best for East Devon gets a low priority from him.

Looks like a good way to lose a “safe” seat. – Owl

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  1. You do need to get your facts right. The Councillor from Mid-Devon is not a Cabinet Member.


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