Hanging out the dirty washing on the green benches

As Marina Hyde pointed out a couple of days ago:

From big dog Johnson to ‘big grope’ Chris Pincher: another day in Westminster’s ‘normal’ workplace 

“Sorry to wheel out this mindboggling statistic yet again, but 56 current MPs are reportedly facing allegations of sexual misconduct. Assuming the vast majority of those will be men, that’s about one in eight male MPs. Labour MPs and others will be among those, of that you can be sure – though for a sheer run of repulsive form, no one can currently touch the Conservatives. Yet on it all goes. Westminster is a rotten and backward workplace, and nothing seriously meaningful gets done about it because the people with power actively do not want to do anything about it, and in several cases are involved in abuses themselves. What is it they’re so fond of saying? Ah, yes: “We work for you.” In which case, do please consider stopping before more people get hurt.”

Marina Hyde www.theguardian.com 

Who is there “man” enough to clean up this disgusting stable? – Owl