A comment on the Stagecoach major timetable changes which includes service reductions.

From a Correspondent: 

As one of 600 residents in Axmouth. A village with no shops or facilities I am shocked at the announcement that the 9a bus, operated by Stagecoach is no longer to pass through our village. This has happened very quietly and quickly. We learned about it only yesterday during a meeting of 20 elderly ladies gathered for a social event. We need this bus as many of us do not drive and parking in Lyme Regis is impossible during the summer.

I think there is a timescale involved to alert the public as to the changes they intend to make. There is no notice in the bus shelter and I have not seen anything in the local press.

See proposals to cut bus services (the devil lies in the detailed timetable changes – Owl)

One thought on “A comment on the Stagecoach major timetable changes which includes service reductions.

  1. Sorry to hear of Axmouth’s dilemma regarding lack of bus service. In Colyford we have for a long time now been unable to reach Sidmouth, Exeter or Lyme Regis by bus, but fortunately we do have a service that runs between Axminster and Seaton. The worse situation is not having a bus to reach the hospital in Exeter, we did have some years ago but that disappeared too. This lack of public transport isolates villagers and causes anxiety for many. The only option is to drive, causing congestion and pollution; otherwise people have to rely on others to volunteer to drive. Some ‘levelling up’ needs to happen !


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