Parish’s wife wasn’t going to cut them off, she was going to crush them with a burdizzo!

Neil Parish’s wife says he’s ‘oversexed’ and obviously feels the detailed record should be set straight.

If neither were very good with computers, why did Neil employ her as his parliamentary assistant?

It’s probably a good job the voters of Tiverton and Honiton got rid of him.

He can now spend more time with his family. – Owl

Not scissors!

‘Porn MP’ Neil Parish is ‘oversexed’, wife claims – but he says it’s just ‘healthy appetite’

Lili Stebbings

Mr Parish said wife Sue of 41-years “always says I’m oversexed – I don’t know if I am but I have a healthy appetite.”

The wife of former Devon MP Neil Parish who was caught watching porn in the House of Commons has branded him ‘oversexed’ – but he insists he just has a “healthy appetite.”

Mr Parish, 66, quit his role as Tiverton’s MP after he was caught watching porn – although he insists he really was Googling tractors the first time. He told the Mail: “Everybody laughs and says you’re telling porky pies but I’m not. When you go on to Google, lots of things come up. I look at tractors and cars.

“There was a direct link [to the site]. I’m not going to say what I Googled but it’s not The Dominator as has been reported, because that’s a combine harvester.

“I have gone on to sites before — you know, scantily clad things and what have you — but I haven’t gone on to anything like this, to be honest with you. The problem is I shouldn’t have gone on to it a second time. It was the second time that did it.”

Sue, 66, rallieed to his defence saying: “I guess we’re not very good at IT, either of us. We’ve just booked a holiday. Neil wanted to go from Dover to Dunkirk. It ended up being Dover to Calais. It’s only down the road so it doesn’t matter but we aren’t very good on computers at all.”

Mr Parish’s resignation as an MP prompted the Tiverton and Honiton by-election, where Boris Johnson suffered a crushing defeat, losing the seat to the Lib Dems for the first time in nearly a century, the Mirror reports.

Mr Parish claimed he had accidentally stumbled upon the X-rated videos while searching for farm machinery, before doing so deliberately a second time.

Mr Parish said his wife Sue of 41-years “always says I’m oversexed – I don’t know if I am but I have a healthy appetite. She used to say when I was a little too amorous, “I’ll get the scissors to you if you don’t behave yourself. Snippety, snip.”

Mrs Parish corrected him to say she had, in fact, chased him around the kitchen with “burdizzos — the things you use on cattle to crush their b***s.”

Earlier this week, Mr Parish appeared on ITV programme Lorraine, where he admitted he experienced a “moment of madness”. Speaking on the show, Mr Parish said: “I think there are moments of madness in your life and this was one of them and of course, you know, one has plenty of time to regret afterwards. I did the right thing, I’ve apologised and I left parliament.”

But the interview seems to have left the former MP with some fans as left viewers in stitches with one person calling it “one of the funniest interviews” on Lorraine.