Rishi Sunak says he has ‘no working-class friends’ in resurfaced video

Rishi Sunak’s 2001 video is very different to the glossy one that emerged “overnight” following Boris’ resignation.

Could this sink his chances (not what he says but the way he says it)? – Owl

More than 10,000 people on Twitter have ‘liked’ and shared Kathryn Franklin’s video of Sunak’s comments. Kathryn, from Huddersfield, told WalesOnline: “We first saw that Rishi Sunak clip on our local BBC Politics show back in March. We recorded it as we found it to be quite shocking and telling. I tweeted it at the time but I haven’t many followers so it didn’t get seen.

“I then saw Rishi Sunak’s slick campaign video in support of his bid to become PM and it seemed to contradict what he’d said in that video clip back in 2001. So I posted the clip again… It did take me by surprise how many people were seeing the little video that my husband Stuart and I had clipped but we felt it was a good insight into the potential PM candidate and we’re glad it’s been seen by quite a few people now. We don’t belong to any political party but we just think honesty, integrity and authenticity are important values in public life. All sadly lacking of late.”

Source Wales Online

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