Short analysis of where the three front runners stand

One of the factors that makes the flow of supporters in this leadership contest so unpredictable is that none of the leading candidates fit into neat boxes. 

From Politico:

Mordaunt is progressive on social issues but is also a Brexiteer who refused to endorse Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

Truss models herself on Margaret Thatcher, has long been an unapologetic advocate for tax cuts in Cabinet and is a foreign policy hawk — but used to be a prominent Remain campaigner.

Sunak is in some ways the continuity candidate — having been the second-most-powerful person in government for over two years — but is despised by those around Johnson. And while he’s reluctant to bow to pressure on tax cuts, those who know him say his instincts are most aligned with the Tory right, which is now trying to stop him from winning.

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