Tory tycoon refuses to hand over £500k donation unless Boris Johnson can stay PM

A multi-millionaire Tory tycoon is refusing to hand over £500,000 of donations from himself to the party – unless Boris Johnson is given a chance to remain Prime Minister.

Dan Bloom (Extract)

Peter Cruddas – who Mr Johnson put in the Lords against official advice – said there has been a “coup” against the PM and said he should be allowed to be on the ballot for a new leader.

He told the Sunday Times: “I planned to donate a total of £500,000 this year but that is on hold and will not be paid unless the membership have a chance to vote on Boris being PM.

“I have no interest in Rishi who I deem to be not fit for high office due to his plotting and the orchestrated way he and others resigned to remove the PM.”

Five candidates remain to be Tory leader under rules agreed by the Conservative Party – which decided Mr Johnson would be barred from standing again.

Last year Boris Johnson overruled advice from the Appointments Commission to put Peter Cruddas in the Lords after he failed its vetting process.

One thought on “Tory tycoon refuses to hand over £500k donation unless Boris Johnson can stay PM

  1. I am very surprised that the Daily Mirror headline didn’t actually read: “Cash-for-peerage Tory tycoon attempts to blackmail Tories with £500k bribe for Boris to stay PM”.


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