The Torygraph on the election of next PM

Tories in turmoil, a selection of what’s on offer to the right wing reader:

We want a vote to keep Boris Johnson as PM, demand Tory members

More than 2,000 Conservative members have written to the party’s chairman to demand a vote on whether Boris Johnson should carry on as leader.

The party members want Mr Johnson’s name to be added to the ballot when 160,000 members vote for a new leader next month….

The petition is the first stage of a campaign by members to reinstate Mr Johnson, with further plans to pressure association chairmen to take action over his removal from the leadership.

Tory Party members don’t care about net zero target ‘because 90pc will be dead by 2050’

Conservative MP Chris Skidmore says climate change fight requires more urgent timeframe

Conservative Party members are unwilling to prioritise the Government’s 2050 net zero targets “because 90pc of them will be dead”, a Conservative MP has claimed.

Liz Truss ‘poses the greatest risk’ to UK economy 

Leadership candidate’s economic plan is ‘concerning’, warn City analysts

Liz Truss’s policies pose the biggest risk to the British economy out of the remaining Tory leadership challengers, City analysts have warned, as she eyes multi billion-pound tax cuts and a Bank of England shake-up.

The Foreign Secretary’s “more substantial” economic plan is an “unseemly combination” of stimulative tax cuts and concerning views that scapegoat the Bank of England, according to economists at Citigroup.