Who holds back investment in the South-West, the Treasury or the Tories?

Boris claims the Treasury stifles investment but it was Maggie, not the Treasury, who did for the A303.

Boris Johnson, in his valedictory speech in the commons said:

“If we had always listened to the Treasury we’d never have built the M25 or the Channel Tunnel.”

To which Owl retorts:

“If we hadn’t listened to Margaret Thatcher we’d have dualled the A303 from the  M3 to the M5 by now, as promised by the Tories 50 years ago! That’s 50 years of broken promises Boris”

[In 1971, the Conservative Environment Secretary, Peter Walker announced the entire length of the A303 would be upgraded as part of a new roads programme that would deliver 1,000 new miles of motorway by 1980!

Owl remembers that the 1980’s was when Margaret Thatcher insisted that the Ilminster by-pass should be limited to three lanes on cost grounds, despite safety and future-proofing concerns.]

See history of these 50 years here

And it’s the Thatcher years we’re returning to!