Media hysteria, the Tory Panto and Liz’s “Best Bits”. A Correspondent writes

Dear Owl

I really do resent having to suffer media hysteria about the Tory leadership panto from now until September. What’s the point – it’s nothing to do with me or anyone I know. It just bigs up the 160,000 Tory party faithful who will choose one or other right wing ideologue to be the next Prime Minister that all the rest of us have to endure. These voters represent 0.25% (a quarter of one per cent) of the population. Most of these people (79% of them) are still convinced that Brexit was a success – which alone tells you what sort of grasp of reality prevails among them. There are even some – the walking dead of their number – who want Boris back on the ballot form with Truss and Sunac as the ultimate continuity candidate. It’s barking mad that these people will decide who runs this country. And now we must contemplate endless baloney from the Tory press about how significant it is – all of it confected to represent yet more of the same desperately inadequate government as “A New Beginning”. It’s worth at least a minute’s silence, is it not, for “The Will Of The People”… 

Sunac makes fewer gaffes than Truss, and is probably less of a public idiot, but as there’s no need for ‘balance’, I hope all food banks will play this clip on a loop to amuse those queuing for rapidly diminishing resources. The cheese gag will absolutely split their sides.  For all of them it’s only bread and circuses on offer, and probably without the bread.