Comments on hosepipe bans

From a correspondent:

Will the water user be falling into line with the hosepipe ban?  Let us hope for the sake of our environment that these Hampshire residents, heard on the Today programme of 05/08/2022, reflect the majorities’ view. That people will just “raise eyebrows” and “pay the price” for the gross mismanagement and profiteering. 

“I think when hosepipe bans are announced people want to do their bit but for the environment and want to help. But there is the issue that people in our community have seen years if not decades of water leakage and the water companies not doing their bit. So at this time when bills are high and people are wondering where their money is going being asked additionally to stop using hosepipes is going to raise eyebrows on the south coast.” 

“I am disappointed as at much that its us lawn lovers who are going to pay the price for mismanaging maybe allowing the leakage to continue over years and years.”

[The relevant part of the programme starts at 1hr 36mins of the recording. Worth listening to the end to hear the Chair of British Water try to explain why additional reservoirs are only in the planning stage, not actually being built]