A Budleigh Correspondent apologies for this Rant

Dear Owl,

I hope you have space to post this heartfelt thanks to the heroic street scene staff who have efficiently cleared the rubbish bins from Steamer Steps to the Lime Kiln carpark in Budleigh Salterton in this heat. A special mention for Neil who clears up at weekends.

Visitors have arrived at the beach laden with their beach kit: pump-up paddle boards, wind breaks, pop-up tents, and of course the disposable BBQs, bottles galore and their food, often using a collapsible trolley. AND after a lovely time, they head home leaving all their rubbish for EDDC to clear up. Mountains of it. An example last week was a broken pop-up tent just left to blow into the sea. 

If they are able to bring it all down why can’t they take it home? Why, if they drink the beer, don’t they  take the bottles home instead of filling the dog poo bin?

Many of us living in BS could give example after example. But I am sure it is not just our beautiful town which can look like a rubbish tip after a lovely evening. I have no experience but I am sure all our seaside towns suffer from this.

 It is also the expense that I object to. It is said that a large amount of money is spent in the town. I do not believe this. People park at the Lime Kiln car park and never set foot in the town. Most of the food and bottles are bought in their own locality. BS High Street can look very quiet on a hot day.  I gather EDDC gets no government help for all the street cleaning and loo provision. If visitors respected our town perhaps I and many others would not object to this additional expense and not wish for the day when the school term time starts again.

A Budleigh Correspondent.

PS A suggestion. Could EDDC put up notices asking visitors to take their rubbish home, (a few might), as The Lake District does?

One thought on “A Budleigh Correspondent apologies for this Rant

  1. I live in Exmouth and the area suffers from similar problems.
    I thought it was illegal to leave litter.
    Please correct me if I am wrong?
    It seems wise therefore to display ‘friendly’ notices, wherever this problem exists


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