“Operation Rolling Thunder” renamed “Operation Shitstorm”

The prime minister has been forced to delay the start of her “Operation Rolling Thunder” blitz of pro-growth reforms after failing to agree a deregulation plan with Jacob Rees-Mogg, her business secretary.

According to the Times

Planning reforms have also been pushed back until next month, in a sign of disarray in agreeing the policies that Liz Truss insists will show how growth can square the circle of lower taxes and better public services……

[…..The programme of reform announcements had been nicknamed “Operation Rolling Thunder” by some officials in a reference to the US bombardment of Vietnam, although the name is not now in use after the market turmoil provoked by last month’s mini-budget.

It is now referred to as “Operation Shitstorm” by many, with the government so far struggling to nail down specific policies. ….]

And don’t mention the “this not a budget” next fiscal event – Owl

One thought on ““Operation Rolling Thunder” renamed “Operation Shitstorm”

  1. It occurs to me old Rees Mogg is a planted disruptor from the Boris stable. Truss pin head puppet figure. Not an original thought in her head. The epitome of the useful idiots we knew in the days of the old Tory guard at East Devon.


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