How can Simon Jupp reconcile East Devon needs with his new job?

An “early bird” correspondent writes:

As a correspondent has written, Simon Clarke, the levelling up secretary, Simon Jupp’s new boss, threatens to water down affordable home requirements across England.

Simon Jupp writes “As your MP, East Devon will of course come first”.  How many are now registered as in need of social housing in East Devon?  In March 2021 there were more than 2,618 households and I can’t believe all these needs will be fulfilled in the near future. (not if Goodmores Farm is an example in Exmouth. 16 affordable houses in a development of 298 houses.)

How can Simon Jupp reconcile East Devon’s needs and his new bosses dictats?

4 thoughts on “How can Simon Jupp reconcile East Devon needs with his new job?

  1. Frankly. Just confirms his naivety and lack of judgment taking this job. Would think that will help sink him next time around. He’s very silent. What personal achievements will he be able to boast about in the coming election.?


  2. I have no doubt whatsoever that Simon Jupp will indeed sometimes put Devon / East Devon first.

    First in the line for local government funding cuts. First on the list for NHS and education spending reductions. First in the queue for a “nose looking for a bum” (as the Guardian puts such things).

    I also have no doubt that when it comes to whether he will put his Party or his constituents first, loyalty to the Party will be easily his choice. Because a fundamental part of the culture of the Conservative Party – both at national and local levels – is loyalty to the party and voting as you are expected to (regardless of conscience – though like most Tories, I doubt Jupp has one of those).

    Of course, Jupp will never admit to the reality (because it would lose him votes) so he will lie and deceive and misrepresent (as all Tories and especially his ex-boss Boris do) and make out that he is being a superhero when representing East Devon’s needs… BUT (and a lot of hand wringing and apologising will happen at this point) however much of a superhero he was at representing our needs, the decisions were not his and so not his fault that it was actually all the other constituencies that benefited whilst East Devon only had cuts.

    At least Huge Swine had the cajones to be up front about how little he cared about East Devon – no home here, just someone who said he enjoyed “visiting East Devon when the weather was nice”.


  3. I see Hugo has a peerage announced today. Funny he got it from Pinocchio rather than the pig molester. Has Simon Jupp got a house in the constituency? I thought he stayed with Humphreys and spouse.


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