Devon and Cornwall Police placed into special measures

Perhaps Alison Hernandez should have spent more time on her job rather than on taking selfies. 

These things don’t just come “out of the blue”.

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Devon and Cornwall Police has (October 14) been placed into special measures by the police inspectorate. The force has been moved into an “enhanced level of monitoring” for reasons including inadequate response times, poor crime recording – particularly against vulnerable victims and for violent or behavioural crimes – and inability to manage sexual and violent offenders.

His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) continuously monitors the performance of all police forces in England and Wales.

The monitoring process consists of two stages: Scan and Engage. All police forces are in the Scan phase by default, but may be escalated to Engage.

A statement from HMICFRS outlining the reasons for the decisions is below:

“His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary has decided to move Devon and Cornwall Police into the Engage phase because:

  • “the force’s crime recording has deteriorated since our last inspection. It doesn’t always record crimes against vulnerable victims, particularly violent or behavioural crimes, and anti-social behaviour;
  • “the force does not answer, or respond to, emergency or non-emergency calls within adequate timeframes, and too many calls are abandoned. Identification of repeat and vulnerable callers is missed, and callers are not always given the appropriate advice on preservation of evidence or crime prevention; and
  • “the force is unable to adequately manage registered sexual and violent offenders which means an increasing risk of further offending may not be identified.”

HMICFRS said more detail about Devon and Cornwall’s performance would be included in its next inspection report, which is due to be published early next year. His Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary Wendy Williams said:

“We move police forces into our enhanced level of monitoring, known as Engage, when a force is not responding to our concerns, or if it is not managing, mitigating or eradicating these concerns. The Engage process provides additional scrutiny and support.

“Devon and Cornwall Police has been asked to urgently produce an improvement plan and will meet regularly with our inspectors. We will work closely with the force to monitor its progress against these important and necessary changes.”

A full statement from Devon and Cornwall Police is below:

“Devon and Cornwall Police is continuing to make improvements to its service after His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) today announced that the Force has been placed under an enhanced level of monitoring in three areas of policing.

“The inspection which took place earlier this year has identified three distinct areas where the Force must make improvements: How crime is recorded; its ability to answer emergency and non-emergency calls and the management of registered sexual and violent offenders.

“HMICFRS will now monitor the Force under its enhanced Engage process which provides additional scrutiny and support on behalf of the public.

“In its inspection, HMICFRS also highlighted a number of strengths in the organisation stating that it understood the needs and expectations of local communities with a focus on vulnerability and works effectively with partners locally. Other areas highlighted as strengths were the Force’s effective management of demand and that it treats people fairly.

“Temporary Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, Jim Colwell, said: “We fully accept the findings of the HMICFRS inspection. I understand that these findings may cause concern in our communities and we are committed to delivering improvements. We have already commenced action in all three of these areas following the Inspectorate’s initial inspection in January”.

“Whilst there are improvements we must make; I am extremely proud that Devon and Cornwall remain the second safest counties in the country and this is testament to the hard work of all our officers, staff and volunteers. Protecting victims of crime remains our priority as we strive to meet our mission for world-class policing and to provide the best possible service for our communities.

“We take these findings very seriously and we will continue to work closely with HMICFRS, our key partners and our Police and Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez, to embed sustainable improvements in the areas identified. We remain committed to delivering the excellent policing service our communities deserve.”

Reacting to Devon and Cornwall Police being put into special measures, Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said: “This is incredibly concerning news. We must have confidence in our police.

“I’ve written to the T/Chief Constable and the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner to seek a meeting to hear how our police force will be put back on track.”

2 thoughts on “Devon and Cornwall Police placed into special measures

  1. I believe Colwell is the senior police officer who wrote the disgraceful letter to Cll Arnott regarding their failure to look at the reasons John Humphreys took so long to come to court and their failure to address misconduct and threatening behaviour which made the trauma of Humphreys’ victims significantly worse. How can this blunt instrument be in charge of the force even on a temporary basis. I have a related freedom of information request now 50 days overdue while they try to create a public interest defence for maintaining their secrecy. I am aware of two further current examples where their performance is not acceptable. I have even encouraged one disappointed victim to take her concerns to Simon Jupp. The other case is likely to go there too.


  2. See also my previous comments on this site about potential conspiracy / collusion between D&CP and EDDC to avoid investigating crimes that have been formally reported to them and a disgraceful example of D&CP sharing information provided to them in confidence with EDDC contrary to their data protection policies.

    The indication is that they favour Tory councillors and Tory supporting officers rather than justice being equal for all. And you have to wonder whether the funny-handshake brigade also comes into this.


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