Tories facing wipeout as Labour takes 36-point lead in new poll

The Conservatives are facing a near-wipeout in a general election as Liz Truss’s government continues to implode, a new poll suggests.

Based on these latest polls the Scottish National Party would form His Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition not the Tories!

How bad can this get for the Tories? Hang in there Liz, spin out the drama! – Owl

Jon Stone

The survey released on Monday afternoon is the worst yet for the Tories, with Labour now a vast 36 points ahead of the governing party – the highest lead ever recorded by any pollster for any party.

If replicated at a general election the results would likely see the Scottish National Party become the official opposition at Westminster with the Tories reduced to a small rump of MPs.

The release of the Redfield & Wilton survey comes after Ms Truss tried to firefight the reaction to her tax-cutting budget by firing her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and U-turning on a whole slate of policies.

The exact number of seats the Tories would be left with would depend on where votes were cast – but on a uniform national swing they could be left with just one MP, according to the Electoral Calculus website.

Other predictions based on the data suggest they would be left with around 20 seats, still fewer than the Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrats would be expected to win.

Labour would win 56 per cent of the vote, up three on the previous survey, and the Tories just 20 per cent, down 4 per cent on last week. The Lib Dems would win 11 per cent, the Green 5 per cent and SNP 4 per cent.

The results follow another similar survey by Deltapoll, which earlier today showed the Conservative 32 points behind Labour, also losing ground on previous polls.

There is some variations between different pollsters, but virtually are now showing vast Labour leads of at least 20 points, with many over 30 per cent.

Ms Truss skipped a parliamentary scrutiny session on Monday with Labour leader Keir Starmer and instead send out Commons leader Penny Mordaunt to answer questions about the government’s record.