PPS: Simon Jupp now living in a parallel universe

A few weeks ago, in his weekly news column, Simon was promoting Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss’ unfunded, tax cutting, “growth” “mini-budget.

In this week’s Exmouth Journal, published today, he rides on the coat-tails of EDDC’s announcement of its successful bid for £500K to help support the homeless and returns to his recent attack on EDDC for continuing to hold virtual meetings.

No mention of the fact that the budget he supported a few weeks ago has been scrapped and the country plunged into austerity 2.0 by one of the architects of austerity 1.0 and by the reckless actions of the government in which he plays a minor part. Obviously no apology either.

Today inflation has risen to levels not seen for 40 years, driven by increases in food prices. People are yet to feel the increases in mortgage rates coming down the tracks.

What’s the point of an MP who is “not free to speak” and “not free to act”?

Can someone give him sight of a newspaper? – Owl