Extract from Simon Jupp’s diary: Tuesday 18 October – meeting with Liz Truss this morning

It has been widely reported (BBC and Telegraph) that Liz Truss held a meeting with her “parliamentary private secretaries” (PPSs) on Tuesday morning, one indicating that it was billed as a “breakfast meeting” and only involved 20.

In the dying days of Boris Johnson’s premiership, a large number of PPSs resigned, hastening his departure. So keeping them “on side” in Team Truss would be vital. Could this be the reason for the meeting?

Many of these PPSs were first elected in 2019 and could be under serious threat of losing their seats the next time the UK goes to the polls.

Another source, London Playbook on Wednesday, claimed a senior Tory set out pretty much the worst kind of intel that No. 10 could hope to hear. “Every single MP I’ve spoken to basically says she’s got to go, apart from fanatics and the careerists, they said. Even some moderates who had accepted jobs under Truss are “schmoozing up to colleagues all of a sudden because they know which way the wind is blowing.” Outreach in the party was summed up as “mega shit” and whipping in the division lobbies “invisible.”

Although the role of PPS is unpaid, it’s considered an important stepping stone for ambitious MPs.

So is Simon a plotter, fanatic or careerist?

Last night we learned that he is a “fracker” so we can rule out the first possibility. – Owl

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