There is some good news

Under the headline:

‘Fuming’ Tory members threaten to leave after being denied leader vote

The telegraph reports:

“Tens of thousands of Tory members will leave the party in anger at being denied a vote on the next leader, Rishi Sunak has been warned.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, the Conservative think tank, said the decision to bar members was a “terrible advert” for the Conservative Party.

And he warned that those members who remain will be less inclined to campaign for their local candidate at the next election – making a Labour victory more likely.”

Does Simon Jupp’s “door knocking” in Newton Poppleford signal the exodus has already started locally? – Owl

One thought on “There is some good news

  1. From comments I’ve seen on local social media, resigning members going to join Reform.


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