Posted in response to Paul F: Hancock and the Bull testicles

His comment reads:

I don’t normally watch I’m A Celebrity, but I am going to have to find a way to be notified when there is a vote for the Bushtucker trials just so that I can exercise my Great British democratic voting rights and demonstrate my complete confidence in … oops, sorry that was a typo … I meant contempt for the Tories and Matt Hancock in particular.

I urge everyone else to join me in this important and essential fight for democracy and justice. So let’s all get voting – indeed lets ensure that this vote gets a massive best-ever turnout by several 100% – and make this a decisive landslide victory for Matt Hancock, because every vote for him being punished in the Bushtucker Trials is a vote of no confidence in the Tories.

The Daily Star (in the wake of its lettuce success) launches a campaign on its front page to get the part-time MP selected to do every one of the vile trials in the game show. A tantalizing prospect indeed. 

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