Breaking news: Tories come last in Newton Poppleford by-election

Congratulations to Councillor Chris Burhop (Independent) on being elected District Councillor for Newton Poppleford & Harpford to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Val Ranger to keep the Indy flag flying.

The turn-out was a creditable 46% and the results are as follows:

Christopher Burhop (Independent)      560 votes

Paul Carter (Conservative)                  113 votes

Caleb Early (Labour)                           162 votes

[Readers may recall that Simon Jupp elicited this comment whilst “knocking on doors” campaigning for Paul Carter in Newton Poppleford: Could you please start responding to your emails, rather than galavanting round East Devon! People are still in crisis and are still needing help, even though your party is in pieces at the moment, your job still stands!”]

Full result declaration can be found here