Simon Jupp struggling with his “Ex”s

Only a problem if he wins the new seat. – Owl

From the Times Diary, Saturday November 12 2022

The Speaker may need elocution lessons. Sir Lindsay Hoyle has mastered Rhondda and Na h-Elieanan an Iar, but the boundary review has thrown up newly challenging constituencies, such as Caerfyrddin. However, Simon Jupp, MP for East Devon at present, wants a review of the review as he says it will be a “struggle” to say his new seat of Exeter East & Exmouth. “It would be better to have something that rolls off the tongue a lot easier,” he says but, bizarrely, suggests Exmouth & East Exeter. A test of my colleagues’ enunciation exhibits that exclaiming Exeter East and Exmouth is exasperating but Exmouth and Exeter East is equally exacting.