Campers, please don’t all flush at once

From a Budleigh correspondent:

Observation suggests that trenching is occurring between the Otter Head combined sewer outfall pipe, across the fields, to link up with the Ladram Bay treatment plant (covering the Ladram Bay holiday park).

I cannot find any report of the work being carried out on the SWW site In Your Area – supply interruptions and outages (

It seems from the official SWW web site NO work is being carried out at Budleigh Salterton or Ladram Bay! People in Granary Lane, B.S. may not agree. (See

Does this mean that the Ladram Bay pollution problems will, in future, be diverted to Budleigh Salterton by creating a super combined sewer outlet at the Otter Head?

Campers, please don’t all flush at once!