Action group to consult public on Honiton housing developments

A public consultation event is taking place to gather residents’ views on proposals for hundreds of new homes in Honiton. 

Philippa Davies 

The event this Friday, December 16 will focus on the three suggested development sites surrounding the Heathfield, Gittisham Vale and Hayne Lane areas, which are included in East Devon District Council (EDDC)’s emerging Local Plan. 

 It has been jointly organised by the Heathfield Community Action Group and local councillor Jake Bonetta. 

A spokesperson for the event said: “EDDC have a set number of houses that they are required by the Government to build, and failure to meet the target has consequences that could affect us all.  

“The number of houses required is determined by a ‘standard calculation’.  

“The land on which these houses are proposed to be built has been identified by landowners and developers. Due to constraints of building around Honiton, a substantial number of these proposed dwellings lie within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

“Recent polling of local residents by a campaign group has shown massive opposition to the proposed plans, defining areas for hundreds of new homes inside and bordering the East Devon AONB area. These proposed developments, expanding the built-up area boundary of Honiton, could see Honiton expand to within 400m of the historic village of Gittisham. 

“All residents in the area will have the opportunity to speak to other residents and submit their views on the emerging Local Plan for onward submission at the in-person event, taking place at The Heathfield Inn on Friday 16th December from 3pm until 7pm. Running as a community-based event and not council-endorsed, this event will provide extra opportunity over and above the consultation run by EDDC for residents to input into the process.” 

Responses to the East Devon District Council Local Plan consultation should be submitted to the council by Sunday January 15. The consultation can be viewed online here.  

All the responses received through the community-run consultation process on the three Honiton sites will be submitted to EDDC’s consultation by members of the group. 

One thought on “Action group to consult public on Honiton housing developments

  1. You are wished the very best of luck and good fortune regarding your community consultation for residents’ views on proposals for hundreds of new homes in Honiton – but after reading the post directly below this one on EDW, (obviously from a community that has already gone through ‘every possible planning consultation available to mankind’, objected in their hundreds to inappropriate development in their village in an effort to get their voices heard) – the crucial stumbling blocks for you too may be whether East Devon land owners, developers, decision-making politicians and local authority planning professionals will listen to Honiton residents – or as in the village below – decide to ignore all the policies in the community Neighbourhood Plan, run roughshod over policies in their own District Local Plan to 2031 (incorporating the agreed BUAB established from. . . yes. . . yet another residents’ consultation)!

    Advice and Warning – Never give up on you quest to protect your local environment – but be prepared for the worst – because in reality a plethora of consultations may just to be paying lip-service to lull residents into a false sense of security!! Keep up the good work but the road ahead is hard – so remain vigilant! Those who you expect to protect your community may not be there for you in your final hour!

    From a Benevolent Voice of Experience


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