One thought on “A modern day Christmas carol

  1. A Christmas Carol: an update
    (may be sung to the tune of
    “Once in Royal David’s city…”

    Once in Little-Britain City
    Lived a Tory known as Scrooge,
    Stranger he to Truth and Pity
    But his assets were quite huge.
    His cash was tax-free, stashed offshore.
    He didn’t care about the Poor.

    He cut their benefits and “credit”,
    Ignored the homeless at his door;
    “Want” was “humbug” (yes, he said it).
    His friends grew richer than before.
    Bob Cratchit was this Tory’s stooge,
    Kept on low pay by the said Scrooge.

    Bob Cratchit on his low wage went
    To nearby Food Banks every week.
    He spent so much on heat and rent.
    His prospects did look very bleak,
    While for his son called Tiny Tim The future really did look grim.
    At Xmas-time Scrooge went to bed
    But didn’t sleep a wink at all;
    He’d drunk a lot and was well fed
    But saw a Ghost upon the wall
    Who oped his cloak, and what Scrooge saw
    Were kids called “Ignorant” and “Poor”.

    This Ghost was from the Tory Past,
    From just about three years ago;
    The kids were mean, also low-classed
    And marked with misery and woe.
    They looked at Scrooge as if to say:
    “Your policies turned out this way.”

    Next night our Scrooge was sleeping when
    The Ghost of the Time-Present came
    Who showed the children once again –
    It was indeed a crying shame:
    The kids were hollow-eyed and thin
    With little flesh, just bone and skin.

    The third night’s Ghost from Future Time
    Brought on the double-act once more,
    Both skeletons – it was a crime
    And done by those who’d made them poor.
    The “Poor” kid was now Tiny Tim
    And millions more were just like him.


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