4,560 new homes plan for Devon – draft Teignbridge Plan

East Devon is not the only one drawing up plans, but Teignbridge’s target looks “modest” compared with the East Devon Total of 6,615 – see calculations shown below the paragraphs on Teignbridge. – Owl

Daniel Clark www.devonlive.com (Extract)

A blueprint for future development across Teignbridge to meet housing need for the forthcoming future has been published. The draft Teignbridge Local Plan, which would shape development in Teignbridge until 2040, outlines where and how homes in the district will be built.

The draft plan sets out new land allocations for 4,560 homes, with about a quarter of all new properties to be affordable and more homes built for people with mobility issues. This is in addition to land previously allocated for development in the current Teignbridge Local Plan. About 65 hectares of land is allocated in the draft plan for employment sites while two sites are identified for gypsies and travellers.

The plans includes three major expansion areas to existing settlements. Land is allocated at Bradmore, west of Houghton Barton, on the outskirts of Newton Abbot, for approximately 1050 homes. This is in addition to the 1,800 homes for the area already allocated in the existing Local Plan.

On the edge of Exeter, approximately 900 homes are planned for Markham village, which will be created as a small new village, which will sit in green surroundings, between the villages of Ide and Shillingford Abbot. A mixed use development of approximately 750 residential units at Peamore, as part of the West Exe Business Park, near to the M5 is also proposed.

Sufficient land will be made available in this plan to increase the rate of new housebuilding to an average of 741 homes per year. All new-build open market homes on allocated sites, whether occupied as an owned, rented or leasehold home, will be occupied as a primary residence, as secured through a legally enforceable mechanism.

Under the draft local plan, brownfield sites would be prioritised to help regenerate town centres while most new homes would be located close to jobs, services and sustainable transport. Some small development sites are also identified in larger villages where new homes would help sustain essential local services.

The approximate distribution of new homes across the district will be: • Newton Abbot and Kingsteignton Garden Community – 37% • Edge of Exeter – 46% • Coastal and rural towns – 5% • Villages – 12%

For details of the individual town and village proposals see www.devonlive.com

For East  Devon the new housing target is 6,615 calculated as follows:

The Government set out minimum numbers of homes that should be built each year. In December 2020 the Government advised that the figure for East Devon should be at least 928 new homes per year (but it is subject to year on year review). It is marginally below our current local plan policy that identifies a need for an average of 950 homes to be built each year. It is also considerably lower than the figure of 1,614 homes per year that a now abandoned Government proposal, from autumn 2020, generated.

Analysis from a base date of 1 April 20209 shows a projected 11,945 extra homes will be built in East Devon under the current local plan up to 31 March 2031. A 20 year requirement (from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2040) at 928 homes per year would give a grand total of 18,560 homes needed. Deducting 11,945 already projected to be built from a need of 18,560 leaves a residual figure of at least an extra 6,615 new homes up to 2040. 

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