Inadequate in several areas, some close to home

Devon and Cornwall Police have just received a scathing report:

Devon and Cornwall Police found to be ‘inadequate in several areas’ | ITV

Including this:

His Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary, Wendy Williams, said: “I have concerns about Devon and Cornwall Police’s performance in keeping people safe and reducing crime.

“Particularly about the accuracy of its crime recording, its response to the public, and its management of sexual and violent offenders.

“The force doesn’t always record crimes against vulnerable victims, particularly violent or behavioural crimes, and anti-social behaviour.

“Failure to record a crime often results in victims not being properly safeguarded and no investigation taking place.

“Our inspection also found that the force is not adequately assessing or managing the risks posed by registered sexual and violent offenders.”

Little wonder Humphreys got away with it for so long.

All credit, in the circumstances, to police Sergeant Angela Galasso and her colleagues in the police and the cps who did eventually pick up and successfully bring this case to court.

So, where was our so-called Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez while all this was going on?.  You know – the person supposed to  hold our local police to account on our behalf. 

It is hard to know her exact salary but it seems it was around £88,600 plus expenses in 2016 and employs a large office staff including a Chief Executive who earns at least £113,000 and a Treasurer who earns at least £101,000 (2022 figures where her salary was specifically excluded from accounts).  Her office had at least 16.2 full-time-equivalent staff again some years ago. These historic figures are because her office’s website is very difficult to penetrate for more up-to-date figures. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Draft 2021-22 Statement of Accounts 2PDF Document · 2 MB

What was she doing while the Devon and Cornwall Police got such a poor report?  Well, we know she loves her photo opportunities and “meeting the public” especially when the public includes local or national Tory luminaries, though, of course, she has pledged to be neutral in her office.

Questions, questions – no clear answers …

3 thoughts on “Inadequate in several areas, some close to home

  1. Sergeant Galasso and her colleagues did indeed complete an excellent job, having been placed in a very difficult position. She had to present the unavoidable cases without exposing or even giving a hint about the additional matters, including negligence, misconduct, and possible conspiracy.

    To do so without the normal publicity and press employed by the force in such cases.

    To do so with apparent embarrassment in the face of some comments from the judge regarding one previous “investigation”.

    The protective artifice imposed upon her, and upon the victims, and other professionals at trial is falling away now, thanks to the bravery of the man who spoke to East Devon District Council, and the determination of some compassionate, honest councillors to force investigations by the councils with a role, though not yet by the police.

    The additional information inadvertently released by the Devon County Council whitewash means the trial narrative no longer stands up.

    Is this why the case took so long to come to trial? There was nothing to justify the delays apparent in the case presented.

    Will Mr Kerr be as good as his word? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?


  2. I totally resent the ever increasing police precept in my council tax bill when I know so much of it is being spent on Hernandes and her expensive entourage. It is a department we do not need. What does she do? It seems she found time to go out canvassing for the Tories with Simon Jupp when there was a recent by election for an EDDC councillor in Newton Poppleford (the Tories came last). She is not neutral.


    • Well she does go to Remembrance Services some times!

      Pity she charges travelling costs though. She even charges a higher rate for car travel per mile than many of her contemporaries in other areas. Check her expenses for yourselves.

      But Hernandez, like other political appointees is also busy telling us how the recruitment of thousands of officers is going. What gets me is that there is a taken for granted assumption that any new bobby is worth just the same as any other with ten, twenty, or thirty years service. The reality of course is that we have lost countless centuries of experience since May slashed the number (same for other blue light services) With that loss of experience is a great loss of contacts, people whom you may have spent years building a relationship but usually would only deal with one officer. The intelligence and experience lost was irreplaceable.

      Today the chief HMIC admitted that around 10% of the recruits from the last three years were not up to the standard required and should not be in the police (Sky News 5/2/23). At last an official criticism of the consequences of accepting anyone just to make the numbers up.


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